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Check out our newly posted Cyber Security guidelines for protection and security of your personal information and other sensitive data while traveling abroad! 

We would like to encourage you to register your Trip, (including personal and UC Business travel, both domestic and international), so you can receive real-time travel alerts that might affect your itinerary. This free service support allows travelers to be aware and avoid potential difficulties with minimal trip disruption.

Please note, the registration portal referenced above will automatically provide insurance documentation applicable only for University business travel. If you would like to purchase the same travel and security insurance services for your personal travel, you have the option to do so here.

What is iJet and benefits of using it - Download iJet information (doc)

  • iJET® Travel Intelligence is the world's premiere provider of practical destination intelligence and real-time travel alerts.

  • You will receive current travel alerts for the country you will be traveling to and a Travel Intelligence® report for each trip. Additionally, you can be immediately alerted before and when traveling about changing conditions that might affect your itinerary. This constant support allows travelers to circumvent potential difficulties with minimal trip disruption. 

Register your trip - when you register your trip, you will be automatically enrolled in iJet!

  • This form is designed to provide the University with information about travel by all UC faculty, staff and students and affiliates for risk management and to provide the traveler with insurance coverage information and travel tips.

  • By registering your trip, you will receive both travel accident insurance and iJet current travel alerts free of charge! 

Pre-trip planning - Worldcue PLANNER

  • Learn more about a country you are traveling to.

  • This is an iJET/Worldcue product. It is the same database that generates the real time intel that you receive via a Welcome email or alerts.

  • You need a Kerberos to access it but once in can research all destination intelligence (security, health, culture, etc.).

Medical Clearance and Vaccinations

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Traveler’s Health

UC Trip Planner for UC employees & students

World Health Organization (WHO)  - provides information on disease outbreaks and emergencies

U.S. Department of State – information on visas, travel warnings, advisories, and consular information sheets for your intended destinations