SVM STUDENTS AROUND THE WORLD: Summer 2017 Presentations

Ever wondered what it would be like to gain veterinary-related experience in countries like Spain, Tanzania, Malaysia, Uganda, Australia, Namibia, South Africa, or Sri Lanka?
Join us as veterinary students who received International Summer Externship and Global Fellowship Awards from our Office share videos and stories of their wonderful experiences this past summer!
Thursday, September 14 @ 4:30-6.00pm in 1020 Valley Hall
Dinner from KetMoRee Thai Restaurant & Popcorn will be served starting at 4:15pm.
RSVP and specify your diet restrictions here by Thursday, September 7.
Details of the program here.

Veterinary Students - Global Research and Externships

Click on locations to see the student research and externships supported in 2014-2016

If you participated in an international project or activity in the summer or you are planning one for the next summer, we would like to add your name to the map. Please send your name, location and a brief description of your activity and funding source (ICC, HIA, Blum, Self-etc.) to Paulina Zielinska at