Griffiths Cardiovascular Research Laboratory

The winning team for both first place and People's Choice, from left, Maelene Wong, biomedical engineering graduate student; Leigh Griffiths, assistant professor of veterinary medicine and epidemiology; Jeni Lee, biomedical engineering graduate student; and Gina MacBarb, biomedical engineering graduate student. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis photo)

News and Awards

July 2014

Griffiths Cardiovascular Research Laboratory proudly welcomes Alycia Cook who is our new junior specialist. Alycia will be assisting both Ailsa Dalgliesh and Angela Papalamprou in their projects as well as pursuing her own research.

Congratulations to Katherine Gates for receiving the Yearlong Exposure to Advanced Research (YEAR) Program; a T32-predoctoral training grant which provides dual D.V.M. and Ph.D. students with the opportunity to experience animal-oriented and hypothesis-driven biomedical research. Katherine will be conducting antigen identification and cellular immune respone to xenogeneic materials.

May 2014

Jenny Chang receives her postdoc fellowship through the Stem Cell Training Program from CIRM - California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

March 2014

Kathering Gates receives summer funding to start her reseach with the Griffiths Cardiovascular Research Laboratory via UC Davis' Students Training in Advanced Research (STAR) Program.

January 2014

Maelene Wong has her review paper Immunogenicity in Xenogeneic Scaffold Generation published in the international journal Acta Biomaterialia.

July 2013

Griffiths Cardiovascular Research Laboratory receives an NIH Research Project Grant Program (R01) to work on tissue engineered heart valves.

Angela Papalamprou is awarded the prestigious American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship.

Ailsa Dalgliesh joins Griffiths Laboratory to start her PhD research within the Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology program at University of California, Davis. She will be working on tissue engineered heart valves alongside Maelene Wong and Dr Griffiths.

May 2013

Griffiths Cardiovascular Research Laboratory and colleagues' new approach to heart valve replacement wins at Big Bang! business competition.

April 2013

Maelene Wong completes her PhD in biomedical engineering. She will continue to work in Griffiths Laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow.

February 2013

Jenny Chang joins Griffiths Laboratory to start her research in working on developmental changes in cardiac ECM and recellularization of myocardial patches after antigen removal.