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UC Davis Veterinary Emergency Response Team (VERT)

Veterinary Emergency Response Team (VERT)

The Veterinary Emergency Response Team (VERT) at UC Davis is a group of volunteer faculty, students and staff in the School of Veterinary Medicine who have an interest in emergency and disaster response. Members of VERT receive training in the Incident Command System (ICS) and NIMS (National Incident Management System) and become registered Disaster Service Workers. The VERT organization is a recognized and fully functional Medical Reserve Corp ( VERT may be activated on a local basis for assistance to veterinarians in the field who require additional expertise in technical rescue or road way incidents which require additional resources. VERT is linked with the primary responders in the VMTH ambulatory service area which provides veterinary services and emergency response within a defined local radius. Requests for assistance outside of our call area are dealt with on an individual basis given the limits of the volunteer nature of VERT.

The VERT activities fall under the mission of the University of California which is teaching, research and service. The teaching component involves disaster preparedness, disaster response, rescue methods and provision of seminars and symposiums for training individuals and agencies involved with animals. The research component involves science based studies to develop protocols for integrated emergency and disaster response, development of equipment used in rescue, and to create local and national guidelines for care of animals in emergencies and disasters. The service component involves assistance with individual horse rescue, disaster response resource and activities requested from the Office of Emergency Services a disaster service worker.

VERT is a non-profit volunteer group funded entirely by donations and grants. Your tax-deductible contribution will benefit the Team by providing needed equipment and training, and enable the Team to serve the community.