International Animal Welfare Training Institute

Unwanted Horses

It has been estimated that within the United States over the past decade the number of unwanted, abandoned or "problem" horses has averaged 170,000 per year. Moreover, recent financial hardships imposed upon the horse industry due to the country's economic crisis are predicted to exacerbate this problem even further. While there have been substantial efforts made by horse enthusiasts and industry professionals to assist with this ever-rising population of unwanted horses, it is patently obvious that the problem is not being adequately alleviated. New and innovative solutions that address both the humane care for the existing excess population and the prevention of continued generations of animals for which there is no viable need must be identified and implemented.

Much as cities, states and nations have long taken steps to ensure that their human citizens will be protected from harm during natural disasters or in periods of social disorder, the greater community of animal caretakers is now realizing that they must also engage in such planning to ensure the welfare of unwanted or abandoned horses.

Unwanted Horse Assessment Station Chart

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Photo: Unwanted Horses