International Animal Welfare Training Institute


The Conversation

AVMA seeks to promote intraprofessional dialogue about animal welfare issues

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Animal Welfare Recognized as Veterinary Specialty- UC Davis Faculty Among New Diplomats

Dr. John Madigan and Dr. Joanne Paul-Murphy are the UC Davis Veterinary Faculty who will participate in the training and certification processes for candidates wishing to pursue training and conduct the publication requirements.

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Large Animal Rescue Continuing Education Course Held at Texas A&M

Some of the most compelling images from disaster scenes are those of animals that have been stranded and are in need of aid.

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One Health: Animals in Disasters initiative for the State of California.

The One Health concept is a worldwide strategy for expanding interdisciplinary collaborations and communications in all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment.

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International Animal Welfare Training Institute

Our Mission

To facilitate training, education and dialogue for animal welfare by bringing together veterinarians, animal scientists, and other stakeholders to improve animal wellbeing.

The goals are these:

  • To provide a neutral platform for animal welfare issues to be identified, discussed, and science-based and ethical solutions to be explored.
  • To positively impact animal health and welfare by expanding educational opportunities in the areas of research and training, leading to board certification in the American College of Animal Welfare.
  • To encourage faculty to engage in collaborative animal welfare research and outreach activities.
  • A major focus will be to develop curriculum and trainings to educate students, veterinarians, first responders, government agency representatives, and community members in emergency and disaster prevention and response methods for animals.