International Animal Welfare Training Institute

Disaster Response / Rescue

Race against the tide
UC Davis designed device saves horse trapped in mud in Florida. The compelling photos of the horse stranded in deep mud reveal the difficulties of approaching these rescue situations. The full body support equine rescue device- The UC Davis Large Animal Lift- was the device attached to the horse to allow its body to be safely pulled from the strong suction of mud and water. Good work by the veterinarian and the first responders. And nothing like having the best designed equipment in the world! - Read complete story here

Butte County Fires
Vet team on the fire line; UC Davis know-how helps safeguard hundreds of pets
Sheltering people and pets; Butte County keeps dogs and cats in close proximity to their owners

Burned sheep response
Veterinary Rescuers Volunteer, Donations Support Livestock Rescue Effort
Evaluation and Treatment of Animals Involved in the Yolo County fires
When Disaster Strikes (The Horse Report - January 2007) (pdf)

Rescues Bishop California
Teaching Hospital Volunteers Rescue Stranded Animal

Madigan responds to Hurricane Floyd
Veterinary Medical Assistance Team saves animals stranded by Eastern flooding from Hurricane Floyd

UC Davis Aids Animals Stranded in North Carolina Flood Disaster (pdf)

Rescue Videos

Deadwood rescue Bishop Mule Rescue