Elective Coursework

photo: pcr scope

Students in this Graduate Group have taken advantage of the world class instruction around the UC Davis campus. Beyond the core curriculum, students are encouraged to take elective coursework in order to further bolster their expertise. Here is a list of some of the recommended electives: 

APC 285 - Morphometry of Cells, Tissues, and Organs 
ANS 131 - Reproduction and Early Development in Aquatic Animals 
MIC 162 - General Virology 
MIC 215 - Recombinant DNA 
MIC 262 - Advanced General and Molecular Virology 
MCB 200A - Current Techniques in Cell Biology 
MCB 256 - Cell and Molecular Biology of Cancer 
MCB 257 - Cellular Proliferation and Cancer Genes 
MCB 262 - Transgenic Expression Systems 
NPB 112 - Neuroscience 
NPB 161 - Developmental Neurobiology 
BIM 232 - Skeletal Tissue Mechanics 
CDB 205 - Topics in Cell Biology of the Cytoskeleton 
IMM 295 - Cytokines: An Expanding Class of Cell Regulatory Agents 
NSC 221 - Cellular Neurophysiology 
PMI 126 - Fundamentals of Immunology 
PGG 220 - General and Comparative Physiology of Reproduction

A list of the current campus wide schedule of courses can be found here.