Lab Companions

photo: Emma on Neahkannie

Emma on Neahkannie

A big part of our lives are our furry companions.  They give us unquestioning support, make us laugh and teach us not to take life too seriously.  Here are some of our friends that help keep us sane.
photo: young Angus

Angus as a puppy

Photo: Angus checking out the water garden

Angus checking out the water garden.

phito: sadie and her frisbee

sadie and her frisbee

photo: Saphire and Spanky

Saphire and Spanky

photo: Saphire camping

Saphire loves camping

photo: Spanky asleep with his book

Spanky studying for his QE

photo: Rio at work

Rio hard at work

Rio hard at work
Nero Photo

Nero:t A truly valiant steed

Nero and Little Red

Little Red the riding hen hanging out with Nero and Andy

Photo: Lola


Photo: Nova


photo: Pascal


Photo: Boxie Child

Boxie Child

Photo: Moose


Photo: Ginger


Billy and Smokey image

Billy and Smokey

Adromeda (aka Andy) photo

Andromeda (aka Andy)

Marvin photo


Zelda looking for squirrels photo

Zelda looking for squirrels

Jazmin and Luma photo

Jazmin and Luma