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NeuN_3NT Photo

NeuN and 3NT on rat brain sections

Photo: Lein lab logo

Lein Lab logo in our seating area

GFAP_S100B Photo

GFAP_S100B on rat brain sections

photo: DRG Neurons

DRG Neurons

Photo Diss1

Diss1 DIV11

photo: JNC cover

Journal of Neurochemistry cover

photo stained glass neuron

stained glass neuron

photo imaging media

imaging media

Photo Mouse Brain

Mouse brain imaged on our high content system

photo: Current Neurobiology cover

Current Neurobiology cover

Photo: Applied Materials Cover

Applied Materials & Interfaces Cover

photo b3t overlay

B3T overlay

photo dissI-con-div4-hdiv11


photo: tau-gap43-dapi


Photo: Marianna-3
Photo: Marianna-4
Photo: SCG treated with BMP

SCG with BMP to stimulate dendrites

photo figure 1 div21
photo SCG in culture

SCG in Culture