Liz Marta

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Liz Marta Photo

I am a 5th year undergraduate student in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology with an interest in environmental modulation of human metabolism and immunology. As a lab tech in the Lein Lab, I assist with zebrafish husbandry, including feeding, fish-room maintenance and spawning. I am also involved with several projects in the lab by performing in situ hybridization in zebrafish to spatiotemporally define RNA expression in control WT and toxicant-exposed individuals.

My previous research experience includes time in two other labs at UCD, (1) researching B12 metabolism and (2) studying cellular host-microbe interactions at wound sites and working on the 100K Genome Project in order to produce a reference catalogue of all foodborne pathogens.

I also spent time at the University of Nebraska researching the white-opaque morphological type switching in Candida albicans in relation to the quorum-sensing molecule farnesol. And in 2013, I worked at UCSF on the development of a novel technique to elucidate redundant genes in gram positive bacteria using CRISPR.

In my free-time I like to read, draw, garden, and cook. I raise and propagate numerous species of succulents and carnivorous plants, who I must regularly feed and talk to to keep them in check. Along with my plants, I take care of a few, small parrots, who are my spoiled fids (or feathered kids). I also enjoy getting outside to nature watch, hike, swim or paddle around local waterways.