Suangsuda Supasai

Suangsuda Supasai

Post Doctoral Scholar

Hometown: Surin, Thailand


* B.S. in Biotechnology, Mahidol University, Thailand

* M.S. in Biotechnology, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

* Ph.D. in Nutritional Biology, University of California, Davis

I was received as a Thai scholar to study PhD in Nutritional Biology at UC Davis. My graduation work was focused on effects of zinc dyshomeostasis on the developing brain, causing the behavioral deficits in adulthood. Following my graduation, I joined Dr. Lein’s lab for neurotoxicology research as a postdotoral fellow in CouterACT team. By combining my background in nutrient homeostasis and glial biology with neurotoxicology, my goal is to address the mechanisms of inflammatory and compensatory responses as well as the functions of glial cells in rats acutely exposed to OP pesticide DFP to closer the therapeutic methods/drugs. After finishing the postdoctoral training here, my long-term goal is to serve the advanced research in the field in Thailand, where I will apply my knowledgeable training and background to my own research.

Outside of the lab, I prefer to do outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling on Davis bike loop, sometimes running. I like to explore new hiking places around Davis and in every national parks I go. My favorite national park is Yosemite, where I am frequently there every season and long weekend. If you cannot contact me, assume that the mountain is calling me so I am there. If I am just relax in Davis, I love to cook Thai food, listen to inspirational talks in Ted Talks, go to temple, and sometimes hang out with my lovely friends.


1. Linus Pauling Institute's Young Investigator Award, Oxygen Club of California World Congress, 2016

 2.  2017 NorCal Postdoctoral Achievement Award, 2017