Frequently Asked Questions


About Davis:

Davis, CA is located between Sacramento (the state capitol) and San Francisco on Highway 80. The area surrounding the campus is largely agricultural, and there are rivers, mountains, and wine country all within a short drive in any direction.

Visit the Yolo County Visitor's Bureau to see what our area has to offer!

Download the City of Davis Visitor's Guide (.pdf) which includes information about downtown events, restaurants and local amenities.

Please note - UC Davis is a 100% tobacco-free campus.  Smoking (including e-cigarettes) and the use of tobacco products is prohibited anywhere on campus.

What can I expect the weather to be like?

Summer weather in Davis, CA is usually sunny, hot, and dry. At the time of the Symposium, daily high temperatures are expected to range between 96 - 103 degrees, cooling to the low 70's at night. Please bring a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Where is Symposium check-in located?

Check-in for student attendees will be located at the Tercero dormitory building, and faculty registration will be at the Conference Center.

Will I be able to access the internet while at the Symposium?

Yes! UC Davis IET has set up a guest user program which allows campus visitors to log in to the UC Davis wireless network (MoobleNet). The instructions can be found here.

Route Map (.pdf)


How will we get from the dorms to the Symposium event areas?

Students will be staying in dormitory buildings, which are approximately a 15-20 minute walk from the Symposium event sites. Most of the walk is level and shaded.  There will not be a shuttle between the dorms and event sites.

If there's no shuttle, how will I get around if I am handicapped?

There will be transportation available for students who are handicapped, injured or disabled. Please notify Symposium planners if you will require assistance travelling between the dorm and Symposium event sites.

Is alternate transportation available?

Yes! Guests have the option to rent bicycles for the weekend, if they prefer to ride instead of walk. Davis is a bike friendly city, and cycling is the preferred mode of transportation for most UCD students. Information regarding rental costs and availablilty can be found on the UCD Bike Barn website.

What is the Symposium dress code?

The dress code for the duration of the Symposium is business casual. We want to stress the importance of being professional and comfortable, as the event will require considerable walking. Your name tag should be worn at all times throughout the event. Examples of suitable attire for our climate include light cotton trousers, sundresses, and light colors. Comfortable shoes are a must!

Where are meals located?

Breakfast and lunch will be located at the Symposium site (in the Mondavi and Alumni Centers), and dinners will be held at the UC Davis Arboretum. The Thursday evening reception will be located at Gladys Valley Hall, in the Vet Med Quad area. On Sunday morning, a continental breakfast will be available from 6 - 8 am for the students staying in campus housing in the Tercero dormitory area.

Where are on-campus ATM machines located?

ATM machines are located in the Memorial Union, Silo and ARC buildings, as well as Tupper Hall (near the Vet Med Quad). 

What can I expect at the poster sessions?

Each poster will be assigned to a group during the registration process. There will be four separate poster sessions - one on Friday and the second on Saturday.  Each main poster session will be broken down into two short sessions, allowing students an opportunity to present their posters and view the posters of their fellow students.

What amenities are available in or near the dormitories?

UC Davis Dining Services operates retail convenience stores near the dormitory complexes.  All of the stores offer a large selection of food and beverages, including instant foods, snacks, chips, candy bars, gum, and ice cream, as well as water, tea, coffee, energy drinks, and soda. These stores also provide grab-n-go lunch and dinner items. Please see the Student Housing website for hours of operation.


Is breakfast provided?

Yes. The hotels we have selected provide a continental breakfast. There will also be a continental style breakfast before the start of the Symposium each morning at the Mondavi Center.

How will we get from the hotel to the Symposium?

For those staying at the Hyatt, simply walk out the front door, follow the short path, and you're there.  If you are staying at one of the downtown hotels, the Symposium is easily accessed by a short taxi ride or a 10 - 15 minute walk.

Please note - UC Davis is a 100% tobacco-free campus.  Smoking (including e-cigarettes) and the use of tobacco products is prohibited anywhere on campus.