Poster Instructions

Poster Session Instructions

Posters will be displayed on poster boards, and hanging materials will be provided.

Your poster can be printed in either landscape or portrait format.  The size of your poster must not exceed 36 x 48 inches (we recommend 35 x 42 inches).

Posters that do not meet the size restrictions are subject to not being displayed, as space for posters is tight.

Posters must include your name, institution, and project title.  Funding for your project must be acknowledged, as well as your mentor.

Check out the slideshow for poster layout suggestions:

  • Photo: Student with poster
  • Photo: Student with poster
  • Photo: Student with poster
  • Photo: Student with poster
  • Photo: Student with poster

Poster FAQ's:

What Should My Poster Contain?

A poster should be self-contained and self-explanatory, allowing different viewers to proceed on their own while leaving the author free to discuss points raised by viewers.  An effective poster should balance figures and text and highlight main points, avoid long texts and small fonts.

Some helpful tips for presenting your poster:

Be professional.  Wear your nametag. Do not block your poster. Greet visitors to your poster and introduce yourself.  Let visitors know that they are welcome to look at the poster, and that you are ready to answer any questions that they may have.  Feel free to tell them you can give them the 2-minute tour to start the conversation.