How to Support the One Health Institute

The One Health Institute’s centers, programs and projects are dependent on the generosity and support of individual donors like you. Our team has worked through the University of California at Davis since 1998, but we can only succeed with your support. Please join us by contributing whatever you can. Our donation website is administered by the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

To contribute to our work, follow these steps:

Click one or more of the One Health Institute’s centers or programs below to add them to your "gift basket.” To complete the donation, just click the "checkout" link and enter the amount of your donation along with your billing information. Next, click the "proceed" button at the bottom of the page. 

Note: Donating to the "Area of Greatest Need" is not a donation to the One Health Institute or any of its programs or centers; the Veterinary School allocates those donations.

Donate to the One Health Institute
Donate to the Wildlife Health Center
Donate to California Conservation
Donate to the Wildlife Health Center Externship Fund
Donate to the Wildlife Health Center Fellowship
Donate to Oil Spill Response
Donate to the SeaDoc Society
Donate to the Gorilla Doctors
Donate to the California Raptor Center
Donate to the Calvin Schwabe Project
Donate to the Health for Animals and Livelihood Improvement (HALI) Project
Donate to the One Health Diagnostic and Technology Laboratory
Donate to research on emerging pandemic threats and infectious diseases
Donate to the UC Global Health Institute Center of Expertise in One Health

Once you click a link above, land on the donation site, and click "Checkout," your gift basket should look something like this (this example has all 14 options above): 

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Contribute to the work of the One Health Institute, its centers, programs and projects.