OHI Laboratory

Photo: OHI Laboratory

We work to build capacity in laboratories all over the world and we provide timely, accurate diagnostic services to assess health and the impact of disease on marine wildlife and to identify the role of various pathogens in contributing to wildlife losses.

California Raptor Center

Photo: California Raptor Center

Preserving and perpetuating the health of all raptor species, with special emphasis on those native to California and the West.



Building global surveillance to detect and prevent spillover of pathogens of pandemic potential that can move between wildlife and people. 

Wildlife Health Center

Photo: Wildlife Health Center

The Wildlife Health Center is a multidisciplinary unit that focuses on the health of free-ranging and captive terrestrial and aquatic wild animals. It is the organization under which faculty, staff, students, and other partners come together to address the complex issues surrounding conservation and health in a changing world.

HALI Project

Photo: HALI

This collaborative US-Tanzania research and capacity-building program assesses the effects of zoonotic disease and water management on health and livelihoods in the Ruaha ecosystem of Tanzania.

Calvin Schwabe Project

Photo: Calvin Schwabe Project

Working with students to ensure that the One Health approach is employed to all professional scientific endeavor.

UC Center of Expertise

Photo: UCGHI

Working with all ten UC Campuses to assess and respond to global health problems arising at the human-water-animal-food interface and to design, implement, and evaluate practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that focus on the foundations of health in collaboration with local partners.

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