An Educational Center of Expertise in One Health: Water, Animals, Food, and Society was established within the UC Global Health Institute by UC Davis along with our partners at UC Riverside in a north-south partnership. Patricia Conrad of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is co-director with UC Riverside's Bruce Link.

The Center capitalizes on PREDICT's success to expand the One Health COE's educational and research programs in emerging zoonotic disease surveillance as one of its focus areas, along with human and animal nutrition, water scarcity and quality, food safety and ecosystem management, agricultural production, biotechnology and food security, which all impact on the health of humans, animals (domestic and wild) and the environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assess and respond to global health problems arising at the human-water-animal-food interface and to design, implement, and evaluate practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that focus on the foundations of health in collaboration with local partners.

 The mission will be realized by: 

  • integrating expertise drawn from a variety of disciplines, including the health sciences, agricultural and environmental sciences, social sciences, and engineering; 
  • engaging collaboratively with partners in California and around the world in action-based research aimed at improving and promoting health using the One Health approach; and 
  • training a cadre of global leaders, health workers, scientists and engineers in the One Health approach