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PREDICT is conducting global surveillance to detect and prevent spillover of pathogens of pandemic potential that can move between wildlife and people. The project is part of USAID’s Emerging Pandemic Threats program and is led by the UC Davis One Health Institute, which is part of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. The implementing partners are USAID, Wildlife Conservation Society, EcoHealth Alliance, Metabiota and Smithsonian Institution. PREDICT-2 Flyer (PDF)

Contact: predict@ucdavis.edu

News & Impact

Photo: Success Stories

Stories of success from PREDICT activitites around the world


Photo: Surveillance

Data available from PREDICT


Photo: Success Stories

These organizations make the work of PREDICT possible


Photo: Publications

Works produced by and through the work of PREDICT

Risk Determination

Photo: Risk Determination

Determining risk interfaces around the world

Capacity Building

Photo: Capacity Building

Building capacity for in-country laboratory analysis

Pathogen Discovery

Photo: Pathogen Discovery

Discovering pathogens before they spill over into human populations


Photo: Countries and Partners

Where PREDICT's work is taking place and who is performing it