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Articles that benefitted from intellectual developments from the PREDICT Project 

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Books and Book Chapters

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  • Small Carnivore Sampling Methods  (English-pdf)
  • Bushmeat Sampling Methods (English-pdf, French, Spanish)                 
  • Bat and Rodent Sampling Methods (English-pdf, French, Spanish)
  • Primates Sampling Methods (English-pdf)
  • Bat Population Sampling (English-pdf)


  • Providing Assistance During a Zoonotic Disease Outbreak Response (English-pdf)
  • Biosafety and PPE Use  (English-pdf, French, Spanish)
  • Laboratory Operations (English-pdf, French, Spanish)
  • For Safe Animal Capture and Sampling (English-pdf, French, Spanish)
  • Packing and Shipping Biological Samples (English-pdf, Spanish)
  • Implementing a Cold Chain for Safe Sample Transport and Storage (English-pdf, Spanish)
  • Work Ethics, Cultural Considerations, and Sexual Harassment Prevention (English-pdf)
  • Emergency Preparedness (English-pdf)
  • Data Collection for Surveillance (English, Spanish)

Guide Powerpoints

  • Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE) and Handwashing (English, French)
  • Laboratory Safety (English, French)
  • Animal Capture for Sampling (English, French)
  • Human Safety During Animal Capture for Sampling (English, French)
  • Sample Handling and Storage (English, French)
  • Review of Zoonotic Pathogens of Bats and Rodents (English, French)
  • Non-Human Primate Sampling

For more information, contact the PREDICT Training Coordinator, David Bunn,  dabunn@ucdavis.edu