PREDICT Success: Wildlife Vet in Rwanda Wins Rolex Award

Photo by: Yiyemeje kubungabunga imisambi

Of the 1,800 nominees for the Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2014, only five were selected as young laureates. One of those five was PREDICT field veterinarian Dr. Olivier Nsengimana, who was recognized for his achievement and future promise as a wildlife veterinarian in Rwanda.

Dr. Nsengimana will apply his award to a collaborative project with the Rwanda Development Board to repatriate illegally kept Grey Crowned Cranes to rehabilitation centers and eventually back to the wild, where it is believed there are only 300-500 cranes left.

The knowledge and skills that Nsengimana gained in implementing PREDICT field surveillance activities position him and his Rwanda colleagues for success on this important project. Not to mention the Rwanda Development Board’s capacity for, and commitment to, implementing wildlife conservation and One Health initiatives like PREDICT in Rwanda.