Success Stories

PREDICT has been conducting global surveillance to detect and prevent spillover of pathogens of pandemic potential that can move between wildlife and people. These are some stories from the field. 

Yellow Fever Discovered in Bolivian Howler Monkeys - Our team helped identify and respond to a Yellow Fever outbreak after five howler monkey carcasses were found near a wildlife sanctuary in eastern Bolivia.

New Coronavirus Found in Bat Guano Mining Site in Thailand - Bat guano is sold in Thailand as a fertilizer for agricultural crops like rice and orchard fruit.

Building Awareness of One Health in Mexico - PREDICT's efforts have made One Health an important part of the national conversation in Mexico. 

Laos Gains Lab Capacity to Respond to Deadly Disease Outbreaks - A gradual and sustained capacity building program has been undertaken with staff from the government animal laboratory and the National Animal Health Laboratory. 

News & Impact 

Evotis is a publication of the UC Davis One Health Institute. Volume 3 explores diseases of pandemic potential, and how they are passed between humans and wildlife. View it here: 

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