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New York Times

Non-Invasive Primate Sampling

How a technique that involves strawberry jam and dental rope is improving zoonotic disease surveillance.

Guano miner

Coronavirus Found in Bat Guano at Mining Site in Thailand

A new SARS-like coronavirus was found in bat guano from a mining site in Thailand. The novel betacoronavirus was discovered through the surveillance efforts of PREDICT, worked with the Thailand Research Fund to collect and screen bat guano for viral families that could pose a threat to humans.

Shipping containers

When 'Spillover' Can be a Good Thing

There’s a tendency to view foreign aid as a transfer of resources from the haves to the have nots. But that one-way trajectory misses a critical feedback loop in the development of global human capacity. Like pathogens, knowledge can spill over when there is an interface, and it moves in multiple directions. An outbreak of collective intelligence could be the real and lasting success of this project.

Ebola in DRC

Detecting Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congo

In August of 2014, PREDICT assisted in the early detection of an Ebolavirus outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With many of the country’s resources out of the country to assist in the massive West African outbreak, the PREDICT team was called on to assist.

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