Pathogen Discovery & Diagnostics

Most approaches to viral discovery are extremely expensive and available only in sophisticated labs with teams of diagnosticians. Since PREDICT’s lab work takes place in some of the most resource-constrained countries around the globe, a cheaper, more technologically simple alternative was sorely needed.

PREDICT’s diagnostic success lies in the ability of almost any lab to use broadly reactive consensus (genus/family level) PCR, a powerful tool that produces specific, high-resolution data that allows for quicker detection of known and new potential pathogens. We have developed and optimized detection protocols and capacities in laboratories in 20 countries.  

Our approach is especially important for the diagnosis of mystery illnesses in medical hospitals and veterinary labs where testing capacity could be limited, as well as for minimizing spread during outbreak response. By testing targeted samples based on the circumstances that promote disease and the potential route of exposure, we are able to detect known and novel pathogens in tandem, rather than sequentially. This minimizes the spread of viruses that could cause illness, epidemics, and pandemics in people. 

The four main programmatic areas of PREDICT are functionally integrated:

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