Club Highlights

Dog 'n Jog Update

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year's Dog 'n Jog a huge success, either by running or volunteering. We ended up having 120 runners! The vendor fair also went really well, and we had representatives from pet food companies, school clubs, and local businesses.
Dog n Jog 2014

International Conference SOH with Rwanda

Late at night in California UC Davis students crowded around a web camera to share a conversation with their colleagues at the University of Rwanda. Students for One Health at UC Davis and the blossoming One Health club at the University of Rwanda organized an internet based conference to discuss One Health – the concept that human, animal and environmental health are interconnected and multiple disciplines need to work together to address health problems.

Topics covered at the conference included a discussion of how One Health can help us in the future, how One Health is integrated into the curriculum at both schools, and how student-run projects can make a difference in local and international communities. Each presentation was followed by fantastic questions on both sides and eager exchanges of ideas for improvement and growth.

Both sides had a great turnout, with over 50 students participating in total. University of Rwanda had veterinary, agriculture, medical and business students in attendance. UC Davis had medical and veterinary students. We hope to be able to build on our colleagues’ inspiration and reach out to more disciplines at UC Davis. Global health issues are multifaceted and require a diverse team – we want to involve as many disciplines as possible!

This conference was a unique collaboration between students on two sides of the globe, which was made possible by ever-improving communication technology. One of the best moments of the night was when both teams crowded up to the video cameras to wave good-bye. It was a heart-warming moment that offered a connection between groups of students that have never met in person yet are working together to tackle health challenges. We hope to continue to build on this connection with the University of Rwanda and share One Health knowledge between our two student groups to make us better global health leaders.

Two UC Davis students (Marguerite Kissel and Samantha Lawton) and one University of Rwanda student (William Kimenyi) organized a conference for 50 students who were a mix of veterinary, medical, environmental and business students. We scheduled the event for 9pm - 12am in Davis, which was 7am-10am in Rwanda.

The Rwandan student organized travel for the Rwandan students to the University of Rwanda by minibus from outlying campuses. This posed difficult as originally university buses were promised but then had to be used for something else. In the future we would just choose to use minibuses from the beginning. The veterinary students organized a meeting place in Davis for students from the medical school and veterinary school.

The Rwandan student and Davis students agreed on an agenda ahead of time. Each side would share presentations on current student projects with lots of time for discussion and questions.

Recruitment was done through emails to relevant listserves and a sign-up sheet was added so there was accountability.

A Skype test call was done in the morning before the conference to make sure the connection was working - this proved very useful. At night the connection worked well and we were able to share Powerpoint slides through Skype.

Overall the conference was a big success! We sent out a survey after the event asking for feedback and the biggest thing we need to improve on is having even more time for discussion between the groups. We hope to be able to continue these mini conferences in the future.