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The Students for One Health at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine have partnered with multiple organizations, including the UC Davis School of Medicine and the community of Knights Landing, to provide free healthcare to the town of Knights Landing, CA. 


As part of the veterinary profession, UC Davis students of veterinary medicine are collaborating with veterinarians to provide preventive animal health services and health education to underserved populations in and around Knights Landing, who cannot afford to obtain such veterinary services on their own. Education is the foundation of this preventive approach, along with physical exams, vaccines, and parasite prevention. Together as a One Health center, we want to educate the community on the importance of acknowledging the relationship between the human, animal and environment health and its role in community health. Our clinic will serve as a model for the development of One Health clinics and practice of One Medicine among medical professions in other communities and around the world.


Knights Landing, CA is an economically underserved, predominantly Spanish-speaking agricultural community, with a migrant worker population from March to August. There are many domesticated animals in Knights Landing, including dogs, cats, chickens, and horses, but there is no accessible veterinary clinic.

After the UCD medical students established a free monthly medical clinic in Knights Landing in January 2012, the veterinary school partnered with them to create an animal wellness clinic as a One Health counterpart in October 2013. Our grant-based clinic is student run and supervised by licensed physicians and veterinarians.

At the beginning of the clinic day, the medical and veterinary teams hold joint rounds to foster open communication and clinical collaboration, using a One Health approach to address the health needs of the community. This open forum acts as a training ground for both students and doctors to broaden their skills and elevate the profession through community engagement.


As resources become available, our long-term goals include:

  • Expanding veterinary services to cover other species in the community, including large and exotic animals.
  • Conducting assessments to measure different aspects of animal, human, and environmental health.
  • Establishing a permanent facility in Knights Landing to house both the human and veterinary clinics.
  • Establishing a mobile clinic to reach the outlying labor camps and those in the community who cannot make it to the clinic.

Knights Landing One Health Clinic is a grant-based project that is constantly looking for funding and donations. By supporting our clinic, you are helping the community by providing them with healthcare services they urgently need. • (530) 746-8125•

Download the flyer