While the development of the Knights Landing One Health Center took many individuals – fantastic staff and faculty of the UC Davis veterinary and human medical schools, devoted community leaders of Knights Landing, numerous pre-veterinary and pre-medical students, a small army of dedicated veterinary students, and various other groups – we wanted to take a moment to recognize the five veterinary students who were the first Project Leaders of the Veterinary Wellness Clinic within the Center. In addition to being full-time veterinary students, these five women worked passionately and tirelessly towards supporting the health and well-being of all members, two- and four-legged alike, of the Knights Landing community. Their shared goals and drive to bring much-needed veterinary services to the community brought them together, and through their shared efforts they became a small family that was slowly but surely integrated into the Knights Landing community as well. They are forever grateful for the experience, and none of them will ever forget the lessons they learned through this once-in- a-lifetime endeavor.