The Envirovet Program is currently undergoing a reorganization and strategic planning process. Check back for updates and contact Kirsten Gilardi at kvgilardi@ucdavis.edu if you have questions or would like to support the program. 

Photo: ElephantOur Mission is to educate, inform, engage and inspire veterinarians of all backgrounds and nationalities to become members of teams that work toward the health and sustainability of animals, humans and the environment. We achieve our goals by:

  • Training current and future veterinarians in all aspects of wildlife and ecosystem health through 8-week immersion style summer courses.
  • Ensuring that Envirovet participants have a global understanding of the challenges and solutions at hand by training veterinarians and veterinary students from around the world side by side.
  • Partnering with the world's leading experts and institutions to provide Envirovet participants with real-world, hands-on learning.
  • Exporting our methodologies and perspectives to other part of the world by facilitating the establishment of regional Envirovet programs.

We hope to demonstrate and inspire strong partnerships among veterinarians and other health and environment-related disciplines to address emerging ecosystem health issues as they arise. Envirovet embraces this vision and is committed to orienting the future of our enterprise to support this remarkable endeavor. 


Kirsten Gilardi is the co-Director of the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center at UC Davis. You can reach her at kvgilardi@ucdavis.edu or at: 

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