Oiled Wildlife Care Network

Photo: SeaWorld facility

SeaWorld Oiled Wildlife Care Center

San Diego

The SeaWorld Oiled Wildlife Care Center, completed in July 2000, sits on an 8,000 square foot site and is capable of housing up to 200 seabirds and 20 marine mammals. The interior of the 2,600 square foot facility includes examination and treatment rooms, animal washing rooms, and food preparation areas. The facility also has two 380 square foot outdoor aviaries, each equipped with 500 gallon wading pools, a covered 1,750 square foot concrete slab with outdoor lighting designed for temporary pools or pens, and a 32,000 gallon salt water pool for pinnipeds, sea turtles, and sea otters. When not activated for oil spill response, the center is used to care for ill or injured animals in SeaWorld’s rescue and rehabilitation program and for overflow animal quarantine for illegally imported animals confiscated at the US-Mexico border.