Oiled Wildlife Care Network

Photo: infrared image of grebe
Infrared image of Western grebe showing heat loss

Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of scientifically qualified individuals from academia, the oil industry, rehabilitation organizations, and other research institutions. The Scientific Advisory Committee evaluates the scientific merit and quality of research and technology development proposals competing for grant funds.

The Committee may also advise the OWCN Director of applicable research areas for prioritization and presentation to the Advisory Board. Scientific Advisory Committee members are appointed for three-year terms.



Erik D. DeMicco, PhD

Oliver Pelz
BP Lubricants USA

Kirsten Gilardi, DVM
Wildlife Health Center
University of California, Davis

Robert Poppenga, DVM, PhD
California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab
University of California, Davis

Frances M.D. Gulland, Vet. M.B., Ph.D.
The Marine Mammal Center

Nils Warnock, PhD
Audubon Alaska

David Jessup, DVM, MPVM
DFG-OSPR, Retired

Julie Yamamoto, PhD

Erica Miller, DVM
Tri-State Bird Rescue Research Inc.

Pam Yochem, DVM, PhD
Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

Bernabe Munoz
Chevron Energy Technology Company