Oiled Wildlife Care Network

How You Can Help

Use Less Oil

  • Walk, Bike, or Carpool – By driving less, you use less oil.
  • Start a Farm to School Program – Work with your school to have fresh food from local farms delivered to your school, so that food isn’t brought in on trucks from far away that use more oil getting to your school.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Did you know plastic is made from oil? Try using reusable plastic bottles, or bottles from non-plastic materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum.  When you do use plastic bottles, or other plastic containers, make sure you recycle them.
  • Paper Not Plastic – At the grocery store, ask for paper bags instead of plastic. Better yet, start using cloth bags for your groceries.

Act Now

  • Write a Letter – Take the time to write a letter to your state’s senators and representatives. Let them know you want wildlife protected from oil spills by having the U.S. invest in spill prevention. Also, tell them you want the U.S. to invest in renewable resources, so that the demand for oil will go down. You can look up your state’s senators at http://www.senate.gov/ and your representatives at http://www.house.gov/
  • Volunteer – Find a local wildlife rehabilitator and see if they need volunteers. Even when there is not an oil spill, there are many wild animals in need of care. If you cannot volunteer, see if they need donations and organize a drive to help get them the supplies that they need to care for wildlife at their center.