Oiled Wildlife Care Network

Photo: washing birds during the Cosco Busan spill (2007)
Volunteers wash birds during the Cosco Busan Oil Spill (2007)

Become a Pre-trained Volunteer

One of the best ways to help the OWCN rescue oiled wildlife is to become a member or volunteer at one of our Member Organizations. Volunteering for one of these organizations will give you important skills and experience that will be helpful during an oil spill. Additionally, when there is a spill, our pre-trained volunteers are the first to be called to help respond. To find the organization closest to you, please see our list of Member Organizations.

Volunteering During Non-Spill Periods

Volunteers affiliated with one of our Member Organizations are invited to participate in our Online Training Series, the Annual Rehabilitation Conference (Oilapalooza), as well as many other opportunities that will prepare you for volunteering at oil spills.

Continuing to volunteer at one of our facilities with non-oiled animals will help to develop skills that will prepare you for work during an oil spill. Examples of these skills include handling experience, restraint, behavioral observations, the ability to identify common problems associated with sick or injured wildlife, and husbandry experience.

Volunteering During Oil Spills

Volunteering with one of our Member Organizations and participating in our various training opportunities will classify you as "pre-trained," and will allow us to call upon you in the event of an oil spill. During oil spills, pre-trained volunteers are vitally important to our response as they are already highly skilled. The experience from working with one of our Member Organizations allows us to place them in various volunteer roles that require knowledge and experience.

Thank you for your interest in helping save oiled wildlife; we look forward to working with you.