Population Health & Reproduction

Anti-Mullerian Hormone Testing

Anti-Mullerian Hormone for equines, canines and felines:

We offer testing for equine Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) for the diagnosis of granulosa cell tumors in mares, with nearly a 98% accuracy rate.1  It is also a highly precise test for the determination of cryptorchidism in geldings, especially in prepubertal colts.2

We are the West coast reference lab providing AMH testing for canine and felines. Testing with Spaychek® from Preventia Diagnostics is a safe, humane and cost effective alternative to surgical exploration to determine spay status.

Both tests are $60. We ask for a milliliter of serum, shipped on a cold pack. Storing the sample in the freezer before shipment is fine.  Equine AMH testing will be reported Mondays, and Spaychek will be reported Tuesdays. See our submission form for sample shipping address and test requests.  Shipment by US Postal Service is not recommended.

1Ball BA, Almeida J, Conley AJ Determination of serum anti-Mullerian hormone concentration for the diagnosis of granulosa-cell tumors in mares. Equine Vet J 2013 Mar, 45(2):199-203.

2Claes A, Ball BA, Almeida J, Corbin CJ, Conley AJ Serum anti-Mullerian hormone concentrations in stallions: Developmental changes, seasonal variation, and differences between intact stallions, cryptorchid stallions, and geldings. Theriogenology. 2013 Jun;79(9):1229-35.