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Robert Dyar Labrador Memorial Lectureship in Epidemiology

Photo: Robert Dyar, MD

Robert Dyar, MD

Robert Dyar, MD endowed the Robert Dyar Labrador Memorial Lectureship in Epidemiology to recognize the School of Veterinary Medicine's pioneering achievements in veterinary epidemiology; encourage further development of the discipline; and stimulate student interest in veterinary epidemiology.

Some time before his death Dr. Dyar told Dr. Calvin Schwabe, UCD’s first professor of epidemiology, that he would like to do something which would, at the same time, recognize the pioneering achievements of UC Davis in the field of veterinary epidemiology and encourage future development there of that discipline, but also reflect his personal gratitude for the very close companionship he, as a bachelor, had enjoyed all his life with a long series of Labrador Retriever friends, plus the kind and competent help he and they had received over the years from practicing veterinarians. Thus began Dr. Robert Dyar’s generous endowment of the Lectureship in Epidemiology on this campus with the inaugural lecture in 1994.

The Dyar Memorial Lecture is hosted by the Department of Population Health and Reproduction. For more information please contact Dr. Alan Conley, Department Chair.

Archive of Previous Dyar Lecture Dates and Titles

October 12, 2012 Stanley B. Prusner
Lecture: The Molecular Biology Of Mammalian Prions (article)

May 31 and June 1, 2006 Margaret Slater
Faculty Lecture: Evidence, Epidemiology & Companion Animal Practice: How Fun Is That? (pdf)
Student Lecture: Homeless Pets, Health & Changing Public Perceptions (Lecture available on UCTV) (pdf)

May 14-15, 2003 Bryan Perry
Faculty Lecture: Veterinary Epidemiology & Its Opportunity For Impact In Africa: The Sky Is The Limit
Student Lecture: Proverty Reduction in the Developing World: What Role Can Animal Health Research Play? (Lecture available on UCTV )

May 8-9, 2002: Marguerite Pappaioanou
Faculty Lecture: Improving Global Health In The 21st Century: Veterinary Medicine Steps Up To The Plate To Protect & Promote Human Health & Well Being (pdf)
Student Lecture: The Strange Case Of The Veterinarian Working In Public Health (pdf)

May 30-June 1, 2001: Lonnie J. King
Faculty Lecture: Tuberculosis In Michigan Deer: A Study In Epidemiology & Public Policy (pdf)
Student Lecture: Microbe Hunters For The 21st Century: Reinventing Epidemiologists (pdf)

April 26, 2000: Michael T. Osterholm
Faculty Lecture: Bioterrorism: Media Hype Or Real Nightmare?
Student Lecture: Emerging Infections Revisited: The Next Chapter

May 11-13, 1999: Wayne Martin
Faculty Lecture: Pursuing Causation: Should Academic Epidemiologists Open the Black Box?
Student Lecture: What Should A Veterinary Epidemiologist Do?

April 23-24, 1998: Jean Blancou, General Director of OIE from 1991 to 2000
Faculty Lecture: The Evolution Of Rabies Epidemiology In Wildlife (pdf)
Student Lecture: The Importance Of The Species Barrier In Infectious Diseases (pdf)

April 8-10, 1997: Martin M. Kaplan
Faculty Lecture: Moral Choices In Science & Technology (pdf)
Student Lecture: Some Uses & Misuses Of Epidemiology (pdf)

December 5-7, 1995: Peter M. Schantz
Faculty Lecture: Of Pigs, Paupers & Au Pairs: The Emergence of Neurocysticercosis In The Unites States. (pdf)
Student Lecture: Epidemiological Aspects Of Parasitic Zoonoses & The Veterinarian’s Role In Prevention (pdf)

December 6-7, 1994: Calvin W. Schwabe
Faculty Lecture: The Future Of Africa’s Pastoral Millions: An Epidemiologist’s View (pdf)
Student Lecture: Comparative Medicine In Ancient Egypt: Origins Of Early Biomedical Theories (pdf)

The Dyar Memorial Lecture is hosted by the Department of Population Health and Reproduction.

For more information please contact Dr. Alan Conley, Department Chair.