Courses in Population Health and Reproduction

PHR 106 Human-Animal Interactions: Benefits and Issues
PHR 212 Epidemiology of the Zoonoses
PHR 213 Food Safety
PHR 214 Vector-borne Infectious Diseases: Changing Patterns
PHR 222 Avian Immunology
PHR 225 Preventive Avian Medical Practice
PHR 232 Advanced Reproductive Biology
PHR 241 Advanced Topics in Canine Genetics and Genomics
PHR 242 Ecological Genetics: Applied Genetics for Ecology, Health, and Conservation of Natural Populations
PHR 250 Foodborne Infections and Intoxications
PHR 266 Applied Analytic Epidemiology
MPM 402 Medical Statistics I
MPM 403 Medical Statistics II
MPM 404 Medical Statistics III
MPM 410 Animal Health Policy and Risk Communication
MPM 412 Introduction to Information Management
PHR 406 Human-Animal Interactions in Veterinary Science
PHR 408 Behavior and Biology of Mice As Domestic Animals
PHR 420 Zoonoses of Non-Human Primates
PHR 429D Dairy Herd Health Management
PHR 429DL Dairy Herd Health Management Laboratory
PHR 429E Dairy Goat Herd Health
PHR 432 Reproductive Technology in Mammals and Birds
PHR 432L Reproductive Technology in Mammals and Birds, Laboratory
PHR 440 Ruminant Clinical Nutrition
PHR 442 Equine Theriogenology
PHR 442L Equine Theriogenology Laboratory
PHR 445 Food Animal Theriogenology and Reproductive Performance
PHR 445L Food Animal Theriogenology Laboratory
PHR 446A Food Animal Reproduction
PHR 446B Equine Reproduction
PHR 446C Non-Domestic Reproduction
PHR 452 On-Farm Food Safety/Veterinary Public Health
PHR 457 Veterinary Practice Management
VMD 400A Freshman Doctoring
VMD 400B Sophomore Doctoring
VMD 400C Junior Doctoring
VMD 409 Epidemiology
VMD 412 Fundamentals of Zoonoses
VMD 413 Veterinary Food Safety
VMD 425 Veterinary Genetics
VMD 436 Veterinary Ethics and Law
VMD 437 Veterinary Ethics and Law
VMD 446 Veterinary Reproduction