Clinical Pathology - Residency Program

Upper Division Courses

PMI 99

Special Study for Undergraduates

PMI 126

Fundamentals of Immunology

PMI 126L

Immunology Laboratory

PMI 127

Medical Bacteria and Fungi

PMI 128

Biology of Animal Viruses

PMI 198

Directed Group Study

PMI 199

Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates

Graduate Courses

PMI 270

Advanced Immunology

PMI 275

Comparative Pathology of Organ Systems

PMI 280A

The Mouse as an Experimental Model for Human & Animal Diseases - I

PMI 280B

The Mouse as an Experimental Model for Human & Animal Diseases - II

PMI 283

Comparative Avian Anatomy & Pathology

PMI 285

Cellular Basis of Disease

PMI 287

Comparative Pathology of Laboratory Animals

PMI 290


PMI 291A

Seminar in Immunology

PMI 291B

Histopathology Conference

PMI 292A

Seminar in Animal Virology

PMI 292B

Surgical Pathology Conference

PMI 293A

Seminar in Infectious Disease

PMI 293B

Necropsy & Surgical Pathology

PMI 296

Microbiological Diagnosis

PMI 298

Group Study

PMI 299


Professional Courses

PMI 418

Health and Disease in Terrestrial Wildlife

PMI 419

Field Techniques for Assessment of Wildlife & Ecosystem Health

PMI 475

Diagnostic Medicine of Domestic Animals

PMI 476

Comparative Pathology of Non-Mammalian Vertebrates

VMD 405

Veterinary Parasitology

VMD 419


VMD 420


VMD 434

Basic Veterinary Hematology

VMD 435

Veterinary Clinical Pathology

VMD 452 General Pathology
VMD 459 Systemic Pathology