Anatomy Posters

The University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine has developed a series of posters used in teaching Veterinary Anatomy.These posters are 11x 17 inch annotated high resolution photographs that have been laminated for durability. Individual posters are $33.00.

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Catalog #
Poster Title
POS001 Equine Scapula $33.00 Equine Scapula
POS002 Equine Humerus $33.00 Equine Humerus
POS003 Equine Radius and Ulna $33.00 Equine Radius and Ulna
POS004 Equine Carpus $33.00 Equine Carpus
POS005 Equine Carpal Bones $33.00 Equine Carpal Bones
POS006 Equine Metacarpal Bones $33.00 Equine Metacarpal Bones
POS007 Bones of the Equine Digit $33.00 Bones of the Equine Digit
POS008 Equine Proximal Sesamoid Bones $33.00 Equine Proximal Sesamoid Bones
POS009 Equine Proximal Phalanx $33.00 Equine Proximal Phalanx
POS010 Equine Middle Phalanx $33.00 Equine Middle Phalanx
POS011 Equine Distal Sesamoid (navicular) bone $33.00 Equine Distal Sesamoid (navicular) bone
POS012 Equine Distal Phalanx $33.00 Equine Distal Phalanx
POS013 Equine Pelvis, dorsal view $33.00 Equine Pelvis, dorsal view
POS014 Equine Pelvis, ventral view $33.00 Equine Pelvis, ventral view
POS015 Equine Pelvis, lateral view $33.00 Equine Pelvis, lateral view
POS016 Equine Pelvis, caudal view $33.00 Equine Pelvis, caudal view
POS017 Equine Femur $33.00 Equine Femur
POS018 Equine Stifle, lateral view $33.00 Equine Stifle, lateral view
POS019 Equine Tibia/Fibula $33.00 Equine Tibia/Fibula
POS020 Equine Tarsus (hock) $33.00 Equine Tarsus (hock)
POS021 Equine Tarsal bone, Calcaneus $33.00 Equine Tarsal bone, Calcaneus
POS022 Equine Tarsal Bone, Talus $33.00 Equine Tarsal Bone, Talus
POS023 Equine Tarsus, Central Tarsal $33.00 Equine Tarsus, Central Tarsal
POS024 Equine Tarsus, Third Tarsal $33.00 Equine Tarsus, Third Tarsal
POS025 Equine Tarsus, Fused First, Second and Fourth Tarsal Bones $33.00 Equine Tarsus, Fused First, Second and Fourth Tarsal Bones