SVM Collaborations

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UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine values not only individual research attainment, but strongly promotes collaborative programs that involve interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teams that investigate and identify solutions to the worlds most complex challenges.  Such collaborative teams have been established that bring together researchers from across the UC Davis campus, UCD Health Systems (UCDHS), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories (LLNL), and Bodega Marine Laboratory.  The School is home to 36 Centers of Excellence, Institutes, and Program Projects that represent sponsored and organized multidisciplinary research activities led by our faculty, and highlight the broad impact our faculty are having in One Health, Oncology, Biodefense, Equine Health, Wildlife Health, Companion Animal Health,  Aquatic Health, Children's Health, to highlight a few. Here you will find links to the Centers, Institutes, and Programs led by SVM faculty.