Intramural Funding Opportunities

Center for Food Animal Health (CFAH)

Center for Equine Health (CEH)

Center for Companion Animal Health (CCAH)

Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN)

Vector-Borne Diseases Pilot Funding Program (CVEC)

The mission of the Vector-borne Diseases (VBD) Pilot Funding Program is to provide funding for multidisciplinary and collaborative research to understand, prevent, and manage vector-borne diseases.
Faculty in the School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) are invited to submit new research proposals for
funding. Proposals should address the priority issues related to detection, mechanisms of transmission, and mitigation of vector-borne diseases. Pilot funds are intended to enable faculty to obtain preliminary data for submitting proposals from external funding sponsors within the next year or two.

UC Davis Drug Discovery Consortium – Seed Funding Awards

UC DDC is an initiative supported by the University of California Office of the President to assist faculty researchers in the creation of drugs to address important unmet medical needs. UC DCC facilitates access to drug discovery resources across all UC campuses. Financial support for UC DCC is made available through a Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives (MRPI) award.

The program is now soliciting LOIs and will select 3 UC Davis applications to go forward in the competition.

Information and application instructions are available at:

Monetary Support for Writing Interdisciplinary Proposals 

Faculty experience multiple obligations in teaching, research, and mentoring. Large proposals require a significant investment of time and resources, including but not limited to: forging cross-disciplinary internal collaborations, building relationships with external partners, securing institutional support and investment, grant writing, and proposal assembly. Often, faculty are unable to pursue large grants because there is simply insufficient time to devote to proposal development. This limits both advancement of the individual, and the campus research mission.

National scale initiatives require a rapid and coordinated response in order to secure funding, resources, and identify potential external partners (e.g. national laboratories, industry specialists). Faculty members whose research interests overlap with these announcements may have only limited involvement or be unable to take part due to the same limiting factors noted above.

The Interdisciplinary Research Catalyst (IRC) program will facilitate, support, and enable faculty to pursue large scale interdisciplinary funding opportunities. The Office of Research will work in partnership with the Deans’ offices to support proposal development, and submission through the nomination of faculty fellows to the IRC program.

In addition to financial support, concentrated program development assistance will be made available, where requested and warranted, including aligning efforts from various support organizations, such as the Interdisciplinary Research Support team (proposal assembly), Office of Corporate Relations (industry partnership development), InnovationAccess (intellectual property protection and exploitation), Development and Alumni Relations (identifying private sponsors and research foundations).

Office of Research anticipates making several awards during 2017, depending on fund availability, each up to $25,000 per fellow on a matching basis with corresponding School or College Dean’s or Deans’ office. A faculty member can be jointly nominated by multiple Deans. Duration of the fellowship award is variable, depending on the project needs. It is expected most awards will range from 3 to 12 months. A maximum of two Fellows per School or College, per year are allowed.

A link to the Interdisciplinary Research Catalyst (IRC) – Faculty Fellows program application information can be found at .  Please feel free to reach out to Strategic Initiatives Manager, Ana Lucia Cordova-Kreylos, with any questions.

FDA Fellowship Opportunities

FDA invites outstanding health care professionals, scientists, and engineers to apply to its two-year Commissioner's Fellowship Program, where they will receive regulatory science training and the chance to conduct cutting-edge research on targeted scientific, policy, or regulatory issues under the mentorship of an FDA senior scientist.

Key Dates for Applying to the Class of 2017

*     June 7 to July 7, 2017:             FDA accepts applications until July 7, 5 pm EST
*      July 20, 2017:                           Letters of recommendation are due by 5 pm EST
*      July/August 2017:                    Interviews
*      July through August 2017:      Applicants Notified
*      November 2017:                      Program Start Date

Apply on line at this web page through July 7, 2017 5PM EST. FDA will not consider late or incomplete applications.