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SVM Retention of Income/Strict Full-Time Salary Plan

UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine faculty participants in the Plan are obligated to contribute through their individual efforts to the overall financial support of the Plan. A complete copy of the SFT Cost Recovery Guidelines can be viewed below. Participants shall not retain any net income from professional services except as listed below.

Income which faculty may retain:
  1. Royalties
    Shares of proceeds for contributions as authors or inventors, as allowed under the University's patent policy. (Interpreted to include fees received for writing short reviews for scientific journals and material for inclusion in book manuscripts. Fees received for services as a journal editor may not be retained.)
  2. Honoraria
    Payment by agencies outside the University for occasional lectures and similar public appearances beyond normal academic responsibilities and which are not in return for other services, whether given directly or indirectly (includes fees for lectures, seminars, or presentations to other educational institutions or to veterinary medical and other professional associations.)
  3. Prizes
    Gifts in recognition of personal past achievement and not for services rendered.
  4. University Extension Fees
    An occasional lecture or course participation beyond normal academic responsibilities not to exceed eight lectures per academic year; or coordination of a short course not over one week in length, not to exceed one course per quarter. (Where the services involve a continuing or regularly recurring commitment to University Extension activities, the faculty member's Department Chairperson shall determine whether redistribution of his or her regular workload is appropriate to accommodate these activities. In such cases due recognition shall be given in merit and promotion recommendations.)
  5. Certain Consultantships
    Occasional service (excluding patient-care service), not to exceed three days of such service per quarter, to governmental agencies or non-profit health or education-related organizations including service as an expert witness, when such service is of substantive academic benefit to the University in the judgment of the Chancellor acting upon the advice of the Dean.
  6. Administrative Stipends
    Payment by the University for responsibilities related to University administration beyond normal academic responsibilities. (Included are stipends paid to Department Chairpersons, Assistant and Associate Deans, and Directors, including those serving on Assistant or Associate basis.)
  7. Salary from Non-University Employment Involving Professional Services
    When, within the scope of his or her full-time University duties, a participant in this Plan agrees to accept an appointment which provides a salary from an outside source, the President may implement administrative procedures that will allow the individual to retain such income provided there is a corresponding reduction in the University salary. In those cases where an outside salary is retained in lieu of receiving from the University a full SFT salary, the outside salary may be treated as University compensation for the purpose of determining eligibility for and extent of employee benefits.

Income which is received, but which may not be retained, must be turned over to the SFT Plan. However, where travel and other expenses incurred in rendering the services are not separately reimbursed, the faculty member may retain income sufficient to cover these expenses. The net income must then be turned over to the SFT Plan.

Checks written by outside parties for consultant and other services may be made payable (a) directly to The Regents of the University of California; (b) to the faculty member, who then endorses them over to The Regents; or (c) to the faculty member, who in turn writes a personal check payable to The Regents. To facilitate individual income tax reporting, it is suggested that checks to be turned over to the Plan be made payable directly to The Regents rather than to the faculty member. Alternative (c) is advantageous where travel and other expenses are not separately reimbursed and only net income will be turned over to the Plan. Checks (and cash when received) should be forwarded to the Research Office of the School of Veterinary Medicine, which will issue a receipt and credit the amount to the SFT Plan. (Revised 07/2001)

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