STAR Conditions & Expectations

Application Receipt Date: FEBRUARY 1, 2017

Summer fellowships in the STAR Program are $5,844. The entire award will be allocated directly to the recipients as a living stipend only. External fellowships and disbursements are subject to policies governing the funding agency.

Submission of a STAR Program application indicates that a successful applicant agrees to all of the following “Conditions of Award:”

  • Students are expected to commit full time effort to their project for the entire period of the award. Other activities cannot conflict or otherwise interfere with the ability of the student to participate full time in their research project. This includes any volunteer or paid positions.
  • Students are expected to conduct research full time for a 10 week period within these dates: June 5th - August 11, 2017. Any vacation or sick leave must be agreed upon in advance with your mentor. 
  • Mandatory attendance at and participation in the 2017 Laboratory Practices Orientation, dates TBA. Exemptions will be allowed only if the student has previously participated in the STAR program and has completed the Laboratory Practices Orientation.
  • If a student receives STAR award funding and also funding for another project to be conducted during the summer, the student can either accept the STAR award and turn down the other funded award, or vice versa...the student cannot accept STAR award funding if they already have received funding for the same project during the summer (or for a different project during the same summer). 
  • Students that accept funding and commit to the STAR program are expected to fully complete their obligations. At the discretion of the STAR Director, if a student is unable to complete all of the STAR requirements, all STAR funding received must be returned to the STAR program (student illness or unforeseen family emergencies will be considered on an individual basis). 
  • ALL students are required to complete a poster and present it at the end of summer STARS in Science poster presentation event.
  • Students must be aware that individual funding sources that support the STAR Program come with their own criteria for presentation of research findings (e.g., poster, oral presentation, attendance at a Merial conference meeting, etc.).
  • Submit a one page written summary of the funded research project to the STAR Program no later than August 25, 2017. This summary should be sent as an e-mail attachment in Word format to
  • Acknowledge STAR Program funding support in any publications resulting from the research project.