What's Expected

Students enjoy a variety of activities and responsibilities while participating in the STAR program. The requirements of the STAR program slightly vary depending upon the funding source.  All students must fulfill the 10 week full time research commitment; participate in the Laboratory Practices Orientation, Chalk Talks and power-point presentations; and share what has been accomplished during the summer through one page summaries & posters.

Laboratory Practices Orientation

Laboratory Practices Orientation is a 2 day event, with the first day dedicated to panel discussions, laboratory safety, work/life balances, lunch and a keynote speaker. Day 2 consists of tours to various labs both on and off campus. Box lunches are provided as students travel via bus between locations. The end of the day brings students back to a BBQ with mentors and families. Be prepared for a day of fun learning, getting to know your fellow students and exceptional exposure to research!!  More information can be found on the Pre-STAR Briefing Information page.

One Page Summary

One of the STAR conditions is that all students are required to write a one page summary of their project at the end of the program.  This summary includes the Title of the Project, Hypothesis, Proposed Research to Accomplish and a Brief Discussion of the Results (what actually happened).  Writing the summary at the end of the STAR program is a great experience which helps students realize how much they have accomplished over their summer.   Although some discover that research might not be for them, students are always glad that they have participated.  Most students say that their experience has taught them new ways to think and that they have a new found respect for research. Actual STAR Students Project Titles may be found on the STAR Student Project Titles page.

STARS in Science Day Special TG

Student gatherings, generally held at least once a month, are a great way to meet other classmates within the School of Veterinary Medicine. These TG/BBQ's are informal, bring faculty and students together, and promote school pride. At the end of the summer, STAR students present their research findings as a poster at the "STARS in Science Special TG". Students are given a chance to explain their results, procedures, problems and solutions to their fellow students, staff and faculty. Slides from last year's STAR Poster Presentation/TG are available on the STAR TG BBQ page.