Students for STAR

The students listed below have provided their email addresses to help facilitate an opportunity for new incoming STAR student applicants to talk with previous STAR students.  These student-to-student connections will help answer questions about the program in general as well as provide information related to their previous STAR experiences, mentors, labs and field work.  This can also possibly inspire creative ideas for future projects.  Please click here for titles/mentors of these student’s 2015 projects.

Armeti Aghashani
Rachel Brady
Audrey Buatois
Taylor Calloway
Eric Chong
Andrew Cohn
Travis DeLucia
Joel Figueroa
Samantha Fousse
Katti Horng
Emmelyn Hsieh
Katherine Imig
Samantha Lawton
Adriana Leland
Aaron Levin
Michael Maynard
Ethan McEnroe
Nicole Mikoni
Caroline Murray
Alexandra Muskaluk
Geena Ng
Tingwei Ou
Ashley Pooch
Diane Royalty
Mackenzie Ruehl
Hannah Savage
Kelly Symmes
Christina Thompson
Victoria Yang