Office of Research and Graduate Education

VSTP Fellows

Current VSTP students:

Kristin Grimsrud – VSTP  – funded by a Buck Fellowship

Roxann Brooks – VSTP  - Pfizer Fellow

Amber Roegner – VSTP –  recently award a Fulbright Fellowship (2 year award)

Alissa Blum – VSTP –  supported on an Environemental Pathology Training Grant (NIEHS), currently a 3rd year veterinary student (fall 2011)

Brian Leonard – VSTP – supported on an NIH Infectious Disease Training Grant, currently a 4th year veterinary student (2011)

Jessica Morgan – VSTP –

Kimberly Dodd – VSTP –

Nanelle Barrash – VSTP – funded by NIH infectious disease training grant

Katharine Tomalty - VSTP

Samantha McDonnell – VSTP – funded by CTSC training grant

Kristin Trott – VSTP – supported on an NIH Infectious Disease Training Grant

Nili Karmi –  currently a 4th year vet student 

Jessica Levine – supported by an NIH training grant, currently a 4th year vet student

Eric West - VSTP

Denise Gonzalez - VSTP

Kate Watson - VSTP

Elizabeth Waffarn – VSTP – funded by an NIH Infectious Disease Training Grant and a Ruth Kirschner NIH award

Hanie Effenbein - VSTP

Terza Brostoff - VSTP

Caroline Moore – VSTP – supported by an EPA Star fellowship

VSTP DVM/PhD Graduates

Debbie Chou – postdoctoral training with Dr. Lisa Miller, currently a small animal practitioner

Joyce Riehl - small animal practitioner

Cara Field – completed a post doctoral fellowhsip at  Univ Conn – currently Associate Veterinarian at the Audubon Nature Institute New Orleans Louisiana

Jennifer Larsen –  Clinical Faculty Nutrition – UCD 

Kristin Evans –  laboratory animal resident UC Davis

Sarah Thomasy – completed ophthalmology residency (UCD) – currently a post-doctoral  with Chris Murphy  recipient of  NIH K08 award

Brian Bird  – Research Scientist at Centers for Disease Control  

Alice  Liou  – postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Lee Kaplan Harvard Medical School

Ingrid Edwards – post-doctoral fellowship USDA Southwest Poultry Research Laboratory (Univ Georgia)

Thomas Waltzek   – post-doctoral fellowship at Florida State University

Bethany Cummings – research scientist UC Davis SVM, currently awarded NIH R21 (she is PI)


Jeffrey Norris – currently a 4th year vet student

Alex Davies - funded by a Morris Fellowship