Suggested Seminars and Lectures

In addition to attendance at courses and lectures on the responsible conduct of research, students will be expected to attend a variety of seminars, special lectures, and weekly journal club meetings that will feature a number of research areas and research-related topics. Although not typical, student attendees can earn and apply credits to fulfill curricular objectives in advanced scientific degree programs in the School, should they decide to embark on them after completing the YEAR Program. Examples of the types of didactic sessions offered to YEAR Program students throughout the term are given below.

"What's Up at the CCM?"
Nicole Baumgarth, DVM, PhD, Leader
This seminar series is held each week throughout the year. This seminar allows informal updates on the research in progress among each of the CCM research groups. Students and faculty are both required to participate. Graduate students use this forum approximately twice per year to present their thesis proposal, research in progress, or final seminar. In addition, outside speakers are invited to present as well. This seminar series, which is held in the Auditorium of the California National Primate Research Center, has become the most well attended seminar series on campus. It allows students at all levels to critically evaluate and discuss research approaches using various animal models of human disease. Typically, questions and answers continue after the seminar for approximately 30-60 minutes, with lively discussion among attending faculty and students. The seminar series has recently been offered for elective credit, which is available to (and has been used by) veterinary students.