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Vet Med Dean's Office Directory

Quick reference - Dean's Office contacts by subject:

Contracts & Grants, Strict Full Time (SFT) program, CFAH & Formula Fund calls
Leslie Nemeth, 530-752-0549

Graduate Education programs – GSSP, STAR, REACH, YEAR
Jennifer Gouine, 530-752-6612

Contracts & Grants, Fund allocations, financial analyst
Christine Munsterman, 530-754-7746

Gift acceptance
Celeste Borelli, 530-752-6261

Human Resources/Personnel
Megan Rott, 530-752-1384

Fiscal Administration
Nancy Wilson, 530-752-1370

School Safety Officer
Larry Neal, 530-752-9257

Computer equipment services
SVM IT Staff, 530-752-8953

John Gardiner, 530-754-7506

Student curricular support
Karen Boudreaux, 530-752-1765

VSTP Coordinator
Jennifer Gouine -  530-752-3737

Clinical Trials Analyst
Chrissy Kinkade, PhD, 530-752-5366

Quick reference - Campus contacts by subject:

Sponsored Programs Contact Information

Main phone: 530-754-7700

Fax: 530-754-8829

Tech Transfer/Innovation Access Contact Information

Confidentiality agreements, patentable inventions, and resources for faculty

Main phone: 530-754-8649

Fax: 530-754-7620

SVM Intellectual Property Officer
Robin Stears, 530-752-9866

Business Contracts Contact Information

General inquiries and information: 530-752-0370

Business contract team lead
Kelly Gilmore, 530-754-1374

IACUC Committee Contact Information

Staff contact number: 530-752-2364

Materiel Management Contact Information

Main phone/general inquiries: 530-752-0370

Cylinder Ordering

Cylinder Demurrage/Billing Questions
Noreen McIntyre, 530-752-5371

Purchasing Card
Robert Fischer, 530-754-1361

Facilities Management Contact Information

To report a facilities related emergency, call 530-752-1655

To request routine repairs, use the online submission page.

Research Safety & Training Contact Information

Accident Prevention Programs
Bob Wachter, 530-297-4605

Biological Use Authorizations
Niki Drazenovich, 530-754-9096

Radiation Use Permits
Claire Denham, 530-752-3520

New Faculty Checklist

Helpful list for new faculty and their home department staff.

Link to checklist

Research Definitions

What is a Research Grant?

Research Grants and contracts are written agreements with external sponsors. UC Davis provides research, training, public service, or non-standardized testing or other services. Research grants and contracts include agricultural marketing board orders. Research grants and contract agreements contain one or more of the following provisions:

  • A research protocol or other statement of work.
  • A designated principal investigator(s).
  • A designated period of performance.
  • A budget.
  • An obligation to account for costs incurred and to return unspent funds.
  • Disposition of intellectual property rights.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) reviews and signs off on all funding requests before submission to the funding agency.

How to calculate Effort Commitment:

Extramural Fund Accounting

Effort Commitment Amount

Sponsored Programs Directive on PI Minimum Effort (.pdf)

Research Compliance

Changes and Tips for Completing New NIH Forms - Added 01/25/2018

UC Davis Guide to Research Compliance (.pdf)

Uniform Guidance Quick Guide (.pdf)

UC Policies and Definitions for Research Grants and Proposals

UC definition of equipment

There are cases where both the State and the Federal regulations apply. For example, if the University received funding from a corporate entity that was using a prime award from the NSF to fund the project, both the Form 700-U and the Federal financial disclosure forms would be required. 

Exceptions to UC Davis Indirect Cost Rate Policies

Federal Requirements for F&A (Indirect) Costs
Office of Management and Budget circulars

Indirect Costs
Summary of UCD indirect cost rates

Faculty, Staff and Graduate Student Salary and Benefits UC academic salary scales
School of Veterinary Medicine - Faculty - Ladder Ranks: Strict Full Time (SFT) Salary Scales. It is mandatory that the following SFT statement be included in all budgets relating to contract, grant and business agreement activities for faculty in the Strict Full-Time Salary Plan:"In accordance with the School of Veterinary Medicine Strict Full-Time Salary Plan, the amount of faculty effort applied to research activities, i.e., contracts, grants, etc., must be charged to the project."
NIH salary limitation on grants and contracts
UC Davis staff salary scales

No-Cost Time Extension
An extension of the period of performance beyond the expiration date to allow the principal investigator to complete a project at no additional cost to the sponsor.

Non-competing continuation grants
Non-competing continuation grants are submitted when a project has been guaranteed funding for multiple years. A continuation application is submitted annually after the first year, for each subsequent year of the project. For the NIH, a non-competing continuation application uses the PHS-2590 application kit. The applicant is required to provide a progress report and note any changes in the personnel budget. The initial Notice of Award received by the PI should state if the NIH Streamlined Non-competing Continuation Procedures (SNAP) can be followed.

Types of Research Grants

Interim or Bridge Funding
Bridge funding is a UC Davis program funded by the Vice Chancellor for Research designed to assist principal investigators who are between grants so as to help maintain continuity in their research programs. Interim funding is authorized to expend funds on a project to a specified limit before the award document has been received from the sponsor.

Modular Grant Applications
About modular grants

New (unsolicited; solicited)

A formal request to a sponsor for funds to support a new project. A solicited proposal is submitted to a sponsor in response to an RFA, RFP, RFQ or PA. An unsolicited proposal is one that is not in response to a published request.

A renewal application or proposal is a competitively reviewed proposal which builds upon the original work performed. It generally extends the scope of the original work, extends the time period, and includes a request for additional funds.

A revision proposal is a modified and resubmitted request for funding (proposal) for a project that was previously not funded either because it was denied by the sponsor or withdrawn by the principal investigator.

A document written under the authority of, and consistent with the terms and conditions of an award (a grant, contract or cooperative agreement), that transfers a portion of a project to another institution or organization.

Supplemental Proposal
A supplemental proposal is a request to the sponsor for additional funds for an ongoing project during the approved performance period. A supplemental proposal may result from increased costs, modifications in design, or a desire to add a closely related component to the ongoing project. Some sponsors also offer supplemental programs which are designed to fund the hiring of minority or undergraduate students.

Federal Sponsor Guidelines

Changes and Tips for Completing New NIH Forms - Added 01/25/2018

NIH Help

NSF Fastlane Help

How do I submit a Research Grant Proposal?

First Step - Prepare Proposal Package in Cayuse SP, including the SVM Supplemental Questions form.
Next Step - Submit complete proposal for review via the Cayuse SP web portal (send emails to svmresearch@ucdavis.edu).
Next Step - Department Approval and Signatures are handled through the Cayuse SP web portal.
Last Step -  Submit Proposal Package to Sponsored Programs via the Cayuse SP web portal.

Before you begin a Research Proposal...

Are you eligible to be a principal investigator?

Request for exception to policy on eligibility to submit proposals

Common Proposal Components

Sponsored Research Manual instructions

Disclosure of Financial Interest

PI disclosure of financial interest

UC policy on disclosure of financial interest

Federal agencies disclosure of financial interest form

Form 700 U, Private Agency Disclosure of Financial Interest
Instructions for completing Form 700 U

Generic cover page for departments

Animals in Research

UCD Center for Laboratory Animal Science/Animal Resources Service

UCD animal use protocols

UC - Center for Animal Alternatives

Helpful Publications