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Vet Med Dean's Office Directory

Quick reference - contacts by subject:

Contracts & Grants, Strict Full Time (SFT) program, CFAH & Formula Fund calls: Rowena Banks, 530-752-0549

Graduate Education programs – GSSP, STAR, REACH, YEAR: Sue Kanoho, 530-752-6612

Fund allocations, financial analyst: Christine Munsterman, 530-754-7746

Gift acceptance: Celeste Borelli, 752-6261

Targeted campaigns, new donor cultivation: Tom Venturino, 530-752-7024

Fiscal Administration: Kathy Spurr, 530-752-1370

School Safety Officer: Larry Neal, 530-752-9257

Computer equipment services: Dale Fournier, 530-752-5355

Webmaster: John Gardiner, 530-754-7056

Student curricular support: Karen Boudreaux, 530-752-1765

Student Programs, student financial aid, VSTP: Aaron Broadus, 530-752-1383

Sponsored Programs Contact Information

Main phone (530) 754-7700

Fax (530) 754-8829

Tech Transfer/Innovation Access Contact Information

Confidentiality agreements, patentable inventions, and resources for faculty

Main phone (530) 754-8649

Fax (530) 754-7620

SVM Intellectual Property Officer: Robin Stears, 530-752-9866

Business Contracts Contact Information

General inquiries and information (530) 752-0370

Business contract team lead: Kelly Gilmore, 530-754-1374

IACUC Committee Contact Information

Staff contact number (530) 752-2364

Materiel Management Contact Information

Main phone/general inquiries (530) 752-0370

Cylinder demurrage: Karen Casebeer, 530-754-1359

Purchasing Card: Robert Fischer, 530-754-1361

Facilities Management Contact Information

To report a facilities related emergency, call (530) 752-1655

To request routine repairs, use the online submission page.

Research Safety & Training Contact Information

Accident Prevention Programs: Bob Wachter, (530) 297-4605

Biological Use Authorizations: Niki Drazenovich, 754-9096

Radiation Use Permits: Claire Denham, 752-3520

Clinical Trials Research Board Contact Information

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