Research Awards

Research Awards

Research awards are issued to faculty who go above and beyond in their chosen field of research, and who are considered to be outstanding in their fields. An annual call for nominations for each award is sent out by the Office of Research and Graduate Education to all faculty and staff in the School of Veterinary Medicine. Submissions are then reviewed by the Research Committee, with nominations receiving final approval from the Dean before awards are announced.

Listed below are the two research award programs currently in place. It is hoped that additional award programs could be added in the future.

AAVMC Excellence in Research Award:

In 2011, the AAVMC Excellence in Research Award was established to recognize outstanding research and scholarly achievements in the field of veterinary medicine. The award honors those who demonstrate excellence in original research, leadership in the scientific community, and mentoring of trainees and colleagues in any discipline of veterinary medicine. This award showcases the contributions of AAVMC member institutions to the scientific community, and the Award Committee seeks the most outstanding individuals for this recognition.


Zoetis (Formerly Pfizer) Award for Research Excellence:

The purpose of this award is to foster innovative research, on which the scientific advancement of the profession depends, by recognizing outstanding research effort and productivity. Each Year a faculty member of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is honored with the Award for Research Excellence. The School's Office of Research and Graduate Education accepts nominations for consideration by the Research Committee.