Strategic Planning

4.2. Broaden the diversity of the veterinary medicine community at UC Davis and beyond.

The veterinary profession provides broad and diverse career opportunities for individuals from all walks of life. It is our goal to broaden the diversity of our faculty, staff and student community to represent the demographics of our society. We will work to communicate the value and relevance of veterinary medicine to underrepresented minority (URM) communities to increase URM student and staff interest levels in the profession. We will continue our outreach and student enrichment efforts at the high school and undergraduate levels to encourage more students to apply to veterinary medicine.

a. Create a diversity advisory group, including alumni and other veterinary professionals, to facilitate outreach in minority communities.

b. Clarify the relevance of Veterinary Medicine to underrepresented minority (URM) communities.

c. Provide mentorship and support for incoming URM students.

d. Partner with community practice groups to increase exposure of URM communities to veterinary medical practice.

e. Develop a pipeline of URM candidates.(More Information)

  • Work with existing K-12 programs to expose students to the field of veterinary medicine.
  • Leverage the creation of a pre-veterinary program at UC Davis.
  • Tap into URM undergraduates interested in health, environment, and agriculture.
  • Broaden admissions requirements to improve recruitment of URM candidates.
  • Tap into Veterinary Technician training programs to enhance diversity in applicant pool.
Current Actions
Past Actions
  • Progress Report – June 2013 – Vet Med Community Diversity Download pdf
  • Quarterly Report – Fall 2012  (4.2.) Download pdf
  • Quarterly Report – October 2012 – Vet Med Community Diversity (4.2.) Download pdf