Strategic Planning

Photo: Animals & People
Westley Kear, 11, of Davis, reads his book, "Warriors into the Wild" to "Diggory" a Yellow Lab. This is part of a UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension research project called "All Ears Reading® Program that demonstrated the efficacy of canine assisted reading programs with elementary school-age youth. UC Davis collaborated with Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation for the study.

Goal 4: Advance the well-being of animals and people in California and around the globe

At the heart of all activities in the school is the advancement of the well-being of animals and the impact of animals on people. Understanding the evolving role of animals in the lives of people as companions, recreational partners, as nutritional sustenance and everything in between is critical to the future advancement of our programs and curriculum. Never static, the school’s community is always changing to address new animal issues facing our society, whether that’s a new health issue, a change in the economic structure of our animal agriculture industries, or a change in our environment that impacts animals and people. These issues are part of the foundation of information gleaned from beyond the school that we use to modify our curriculum focus, research priorities or service offerings.


4.1. Identify pressing societal problems where the school can make an impact and align efforts to develop meaningful solutions

4.2. Broaden the diversity of the veterinary medicine community at UC Davis and beyond