Strategic Planning

3.4. Establish and nurture client relationships that enhance philanthropic support

The William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital is a unique and major asset of the School. Through patient care and student teaching the clinical faculty and staff teams are changing the face of animal health in California and beyond. The School’s next capital project is focused on a new state-of-the-art clinical facility to support these efforts. With a clear programmatic vision, the School’s faculty, staff and student community will build relationships with grateful clients and alumni, professional partners and foundations to launch a major fundraising effort in support of this new clinical facility.

a. Engage SVM community in building relationships with grateful clients and long-term donors.

b. Leverage clinic to generate interest in School and its programs amongst donors.

  • Promote clinical programs that are aligned with innovative research programs.
  • Educate the SVM community on the rule of clinical personnel in converting grateful clients into generous donors.
  • Establish a donor recognition wall.

c. Establish clear, focused programmatic goals to facilitate fundraising and support research that advances clinical medicine.

  • Develop criteria to identify programs for focused development.
  • Ensure that residency programs are aligned with programmatic goals.
  • Ensure that programs meet societal needs.
Current Actions
Past Actions
  • Myth-busting 101 - Development Strategies for Clinical Programs - 2013 Download pdf
  • Progress Report – June 2013 – Fostering Client Download pdf
  • Fostering Client Giving
    Strategic planning committee 3.4. has met, brainstormed their task to foster client relationships that enhance philanthropic support and identified potential overlap of activities with other strategy teams. In order to hone their initial efforts, the committee will meet with the Development Team to discuss major gift strategies and gain additional insights into existing efforts to promote philanthropy. The committee is working to fine tune their array of ideas and edit their quarterly report to reflect these evolving discussions. After consulting with Development they will outline their project vision and related action plans.
  • Quarterly Report – Fostering Client Relationships (3.4.) Download pdf