Strategic Planning

3.4. Establish and nurture client relationships that enhance philanthropic support

The William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital is a unique and major asset of the school. Through patient care and student teaching, the clinical faculty and staff teams are changing the face of animal health in California and beyond. The school’s next capital project is focused on a new state-of-the-art clinical facility to support these efforts. With a clear programmatic vision, the school’s faculty, staff and student community will build relationships with grateful clients and alumni, professional partners and foundations to launch a major fundraising effort in support of this new clinical facility.

a. Engage SVM community in building relationships with grateful clients and long-term donors.

b. Leverage the clinic to generate interest in school and its programs with donors.

  • Promote clinical programs that are aligned with innovative research programs.
  • Educate the SVM community on the rule of clinical personnel in converting grateful clients into generous donors.
  • Establish a donor recognition wall.

c. Establish clear, focused programmatic goals to facilitate fundraising and support research that advances clinical medicine.

  • Develop criteria to identify programs for focused development.
  • Ensure that residency programs are aligned with programmatic goals.
  • Ensure that programs meet societal needs.
Current Actions
  • Donors Embrace VMC Livestock Vision
    Dr. Brett McNabb presented information to the Dean’s Leadership Council on the vision and facility plans for the Veterinary Medical Center’s Livestock and Field Service Center at the Council’s bi-annual meeting. This group of VIP leaders bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to help promote the school and assist with campaign efforts.

  • Fall Festival Supports Multiple
    The school held its annual Fall Festival weekend filled with special events, alumni gatherings and continuing education (CE). Beginning with the Vet Med Center Campaign launch, the weekend reunions honored alumni, the annual career fair promoted networking for students, and a robust CE program for practitioners and professionals.

  • Relationships Key to Philanthropic Support
    Our Development Team includes a dynamic group of staff professionals who engage and nurture our donors and friends in hopes of raising funds for scholarships and fellowships, research, clinical/research equipment, program support and much more. As of August 31, philanthropic support — including bequest expectancies and pledges for 2017-18 — totals $11,991,448!
  • Faculty Key to Philanthropy Success
    Kudos to faculty who dedicate time and effort to development activities and events in support of the school’s philanthropic cultivation efforts. Recently the efforts of Michael Kent, Kirsten Gilardi and Karl Jandrey (stethoscopes presented at the White Coat Ceremony) have resulted in key donations to the school.
  • Welcoming the Class of 1982
    The Class of 1982 celebrated their 35th reunion in early June. They enjoyed a school tour, CE presented by Drs. Woutrina Smith and Tracey Goldstein, and a cocktail reception at the new VMA Building. Saturday's events included an organized campus tour featuring the Manetti Shrem Museum.
  • Recognizing Philanthropic Partners
    At the Heritage Society and Spring Showcase event on May 4, more than 70 donors dedicated to advancing veterinary medicine were welcomed and acknowledged, treated to lunch, tours and presentations by Drs. Coffey, Kent, Finno and Hawkins. This annual event organized by our Development Team is just one of the many ways we honor these generous partners.
  • Picnic Day/Giving Day Success
    Saturday, April 22 was both "Give Day" and Picnic Day. The school received 88 gifts totaling $64,510! More than 500 people visited the school for Picnic Day-taking hospital tours, participating in VERT emergency response demos, learning about poultry medicine, viewing an equine treadmill demo and much more.
  • Philanthropic Support for Student Scholarship
    At the Evening of Gratitude event the school's Development Team led efforts to bring together donors and student scholarship recipients. It was a night to recognize our philanthropic partners and their contributions to the success of the school; especially for our outstanding students and future professional associates. Another record year - we distributed $2.5 million in scholarships and another $4.2 million in grants for our students.
  • Philanthropy Supports Pioneering Research
    The Veterinary Institute for Regenerative Cures held an open house event on 11/4 to promote the many research developments and partnerships between the Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and College of Engineering. Dr. Borjesson acknowledged the major donors and CEH whose visionary contributions helped to create this forward looking research environment.
  • Engaging, Promoting, Educating for Philanthropic Support The development team has logged thousands of miles and hours meeting with donors, cultivating new prospects, preparing proposals, writing and mailing letters, newsletters, brochures and organizing dozens of events in support of the School. For 2014-15 they raised an all-time high of $42 million from more than 6,700 donors, of which approximately 500 were new donors. They also conducted more than 400 face-to-face visits, many with the support and participation of faculty and members of the leadership team.
  • Continuing Education at Home and Abroad - The Center for Continuing Professional Education (CCPE) has expanded its continuing education (CE) offerings both for the regional and national audiences and for international colleagues in China and Costa Rica. With more than 20 programs each year, and webinar capabilities, our CE team and faculty are sharing their educational expertise broadly and promoting future partnerships. The CCPE is now partnering with Nanjing Agricultural University to provide clinical programs twice each year in China. Offerings have also been developed specifically for animal owners to provide good animal health information, promote clinical expertise here at the teaching hospital and cultivate greater interest in potential philanthropic support of the School.
  • VMTH Case of the Month "Rosie" - UC Davis Dermatologists Successfully Treat Vizala’s Ear Infection
Past Actions
  • Myth-busting 101 - Development Strategies for Clinical Programs - 2013 Download pdf
  • Progress Report – June 2013 – Fostering Client Relationships Download pdf
  • Fostering Client Giving
    Strategic planning committee 3.4. has met, brainstormed their task to foster client relationships that enhance philanthropic support, and identified potential overlap of activities with other strategy teams. In order to hone their initial efforts, the committee will meet with the Development team to discuss major gift strategies and gain additional insights into existing efforts to promote philanthropy. The committee is working to fine tune their array of ideas and edit their quarterly report to reflect these evolving discussions. After consulting with Development they will outline their project vision and related action plans.
  • Quarterly Report – Fostering Client Relationships (3.4.) Download pdf