Strategic Planning

1.3. Lead the field of veterinary medicine by sharing educational expertise and best practices locally, nationally and internationally

Veterinary best practices includes the sharing of knowledge to advance the understanding of veterinary medicine and science, and to effectively utilize materials and resources to educate professionals beyond the borders of our California community. We will work to establish collaborative partnerships with other schools/colleges of veterinary medicine and institutions of learning or discovery to share educational resources, foster best teaching methodologies and take advantage of the collective research and teaching expertise available.

a. Conduct and publish peer-reviewed research on educational methodology.

b. Consider marketing educational programs that advance veterinary medicine.

c. Evaluate the School’s use of distance learning to enhance its effectiveness.

  • Expand fee-based continuing education online.
  • Provide web-based international graduate training programs.

d. Advance the development of a center of excellence related to Food Animal Veterinary Medicine for the Western U.S.

e. Explore regional collaborative efforts to share educational resources between vet schools. (See Strategy 7.1)

f. Consider the development of a teaching academy to foster best practices in teaching.

g. Recognize and reward educational investment, innovation and scholarship in faculty and staff career advancement.

Current Actions

Past Actions

  • Quarterly Report – October 2012 – Regional Teaching Academy (1.3.) Download pdf
  • Quarterly Report – October 2012 – Centers of Excellence (1.3.) Download pdf
  • Quarterly Report – October 2012 – Lead Veterinary Medical Education (1.3.) Download pdf
  • Progress Report – June 2013 – Lead Veterinary Medical Education Download pdf
  • Teaching Academy Initiative (April 2012) (Download PDF)